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Client Testimonials

Testimonials: Testimonials

I had not been to a public swimming pool for the last 10 years if not more. I asked Jon if he could help me with my anxieties relating to this. This was a couple of months before the birth of our daughter. In all honesty, I was initially unsure whether hypnotherapy would work for me. Jon was professional and calm with a positive energy and a touch of humour. He was empathetic, understanding that I wouldn't want to miss those moments of going swimming as a family, going to swimming classes and the like. A few days after my session with Jon I went to a public pool for the first time in all those years. My anxieties were much lower, remembering Jon's guidance and what he taught me. Our daughter was born 10 months ago and I have been able to take her swimming with full enjoyment and no anxiety thanks to Jon.

PB (Male)

Highly recommended! Jonathan has helped/is helping me not only to change behaviours that I have had for years but also to understand them. He has a calm approach and always personalises the sessions. I have always felt at ease and comfortable. His therapy has changed my whole approach to the relevant aspects of my life.

LM (Female)

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I went to Jon for some Hypnotherapy and NLP to help me to stop vaping. He was very responsive in identifying and working to my goals; adapting the work to me and what I wanted out of it. The work was holistic, using a range of different techniques to assist this process. I immediately felt more in control of my addiction. Over the course of sessions was able to go from vaping a significant amount to stopping completely; I did not feel the usual side effects of this but rather felt positive and motivated by the process. Would highly recommend Jon to anyone who wants support to achieve their goals and to feel positive about taking those next steps.

RS (Female)

I’ve had a few sessions with Jonathan, and each has been unique and completely tailored to my situation in that moment. He connects with me, my feelings, my needs and tunes in completely. I feel such a relief each time. More grounded, more myself. I feel he works so well, on such a personal level with me, my mind, my subconscious. I will keep going back. Thank you.

LD (Female)

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