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Holistic Life Coaching 

Anxiety Buster / Confidence Booster

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Five Steps to Controlling your Anxiety and Feeling Confident

Anxiety and stress can leave you feeling helpless. It can take away your confidence and lead you to fearing social situations, whilst holding you back from living your best life.


If that rings all too true with you then I would love to help you overcome your anxieties and for you to begin to live the life you truly want to live and deserve for yourself — for you to have the confidence in yourself to make the choices and take the opportunities that will continue to empower you and help you grow.


I have created this 5 step programme, utilising some of my most successful and effective techniques from other coaching programmes — and from my own personal experience — to give you the power to conquer anxiety and stress, eliminate fear and to take control of your life again — and for you to feel confident going into all social situations. This programme will build your resilience and provide you with  techniques to keep practicing — so that you are equipped to continue building your confidence and resilience after the sessions are completed.

This programme consists of five x 1.5 hour sessions and will help you:

  • stop the onset of an anxiety attack

  • keep you in a calmer and quieter state of mind

  • build resilience including stronger personal boundaries

  • help you release tension in a safe and calming way

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours

  • build confidence in yourself by inviting you to develop and evolve activities in your day to day life

  • to bravely step past comfort zones to aid your future growth

Programme Investment:

£320 (payment plans available - please ask when booking)

To book please email me your interest and I will contact you within 48 hours to book your free consultation and then your first session.


As an added benefit, anyone who completes this programme is entitled to 20% off the 'Evolution of Self' coaching plan - that takes you to the next level of

self-evolution and mastery.

All programmes will begin with a free phone consultation.

You are under no obligation to begin the programme after your consultation session and pro-rata refunds are available for the programme duration.


You may also be interested in my book "Mind Over Lockdown"

This will give you a taste of my coaching and mentoring. 

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Promotional Offers:
If you have seen a promotional offer in an advert or online then please send an email stating where you saw the offer and we will make sure the discount is applied to your invoice when you have chosen the plan you wish to go ahead with.

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