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Holistic Life Coaching

Work with Jonathan to elevate
all aspects of your life

Do you find yourself wanting to make change to your life, but then notice yourself falling into the very same old habits and routines you wanted to move away from in the first place? Or perhaps you have big plans to make and you are struggling to find a starting point or motivation?

My coaching plans incorporate a mix of holistic life coaching, hypnotherapy and mindful practice, along with intuitive spiritual guidance, so that your mind (conscious and sub-conscious), body and spirit are given space to be nurtured, allowing you to align all aspects of your authentic being in order to overcome obstacles, to align with your innate purpose and find the flow you need to move your life forwards, on the trajectory you wish it to take.

'Evolution of Self' Coaching Plans

Level 1

6 Session Plan
(6 x 1.5 hour sessions +
30 min weekly booster call)

Embrace the first levels of self-discovery to begin a new fulfilling and nurturing relationship with yourself. You will begin by completing a Holistic Life Evaluation exercise to discover aspects of your life that require your focus to improve.

You will be taken on a journey to begin to understand how your feelings and emotions work, to align mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to effectively practice silencing your mind;

Discover your core values; and learn how to set new rules to live your new life by; I will impart techniques and knowledge from my own experiences to help you build inner resilience.

Investment: £510

"I was dealing with extreme anxiety and depression at the time and I wanted to feel more in control of my life and more able to achieve my goals. I took the 7 week course at Wu and it completely changed my life! He had a way of tapping in to all of my self esteem blockages, neurotic thought patterns, and limiting beliefs, whilst at the same time setting me practical exercises to further my achievements, career and well being. " (Customer review from Google)

"Life changing!....I have grown so much since we began and continue to be able to grow with the skills learned and time spent in what is an amazing hybrid of therapy/ coaching / hypnotherapy. Would highly recommend taking the step and building the life you want with Wu!" (Customer review from Google)

Level 2

9 Session Plan
(9 x 1.5 hour sessions +
30 min weekly booster call)

As well as everything included in Level, you will also be discovering your life's purpose by tapping in to your passions, and aligning them with your core values. I will work with you to develop effective visualisation and meditation techniques so you can begin to create the vision of your ideal future, whilst connecting with your inner intuition; before choosing and stepping onto the right path towards that future.

Investment: £755

Level 3

12 Session Plan 
(12 x 1.5 hour sessions +
30 min weekly booster call)

Level 3 invites you to dive that much deeper into each of the topics that are covered Levels 1 and 2. I will guide you to develop effective, winning strategies to continue to evolve your life as you move forwards on an upward trajectory, allowing you to plan the next phases of your journey, equipped with the tools that will enable you to continue to succeed.

Investment: £980

"Highly recommended! Jonathan has helped me not only to change behaviours that I have had for years but also to understand them. He has a calm approach and always personalises the sessions. I have always felt at ease and comfortable. His therapy has changed my whole approach to the relevant aspects of my life" (Customer review from Facebook)

Anxiety Buster/Confidence Booster

If you are looking for a shorter programme to overcome stress and anxiety, and to build up your self confidence then you can enrol on the Anxiety Buster / Confidence Booster 5-step Plan.Click on the icon below for more details:

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