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Past Life Regression and Journeying

A unique and spiritual experience of traveling through time and space to learn lessons from the past

Service Description

Past life journeying is a way of discovering lessons from this existing lifetime, your own past (or parallel) lives, or from the lives of your genetic lineage and ancestors. The journey can be taken to help you release negative emotions or trauma that may be rooted to that particular point in time — as well as learning and integrating lessons from those events and stories from your past. You may consider a past life journey if you have been experiencing negative emotions or behavioural patterns, or if there is trauma that wants to be resolved and released. Or you may be curious and wish to take this as a journey of spiritual connection and discovery. After taking you into a light to medium trance state, I will ask the questions that will guide you safely through the experience, before gently allowing you to arrive back into the present — with fresh perspective and a feeling of renewal. ​ My fees for this service are as follows: ​ * Initial telephone or online consultation = free of charge 2 hour Past Life Journeying Session = £100 + a further 1.5 hour session for discussion and integration = +£65 In Person or Online Interested? Email to book a free consultation or call me on 07789740933

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    12 Helena Road, Norwich NR2 3AW, UK


Cancellation Terms

Payment is required before the first session, unless agreed otherwise (please contact prior to booking if you need a more affordable payment plan). If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so within 24 hours of the appointment time, otherwise you will you will only be refunded 50% of the fee for that appointment.

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