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Sleep Hypnosis Muscle Tension and Pain Relief 174Hz (Pain Relief Frequency)

Sleep Hypnosis Muscle Tension and Pain Relief 174Hz (Pain Relief Frequency)

(Remastered for better sound quality and listening experience) This very effective hypnosis track will help you relieve pain and muscle tension, and get a deeper, more comfortable night's sleep. Guided by the voice of Hypnotherapist Jonathan Bolam, you will be taken on a journey into your body so you can go to the very point where the centre of the pain is, to begin the relieving process. This track uses the principles of hypnosis, quantum healing and also uses a special sound frequency of 174HZ, known to be the most effective sound frequency for pain relief.


When this audio was trialled, participants were taken on their own unique journey and noticed real relief to the pain and aches they had been suffering from, resulting in better sleep and relief from the pain when they awoke.


Repeat listening to this audio as often as you require.


Note: Your sub-conscious is unique and so has a tendency of producing images and messages that work uniquely for you, so do not worry if your experience is slightly different to that being described in the audio.


This is a free product but please feel free to put a tip in our "tip jar" if you have found this recording helpful (go back to shop to access tip jar).

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    This recording is the product of Wu Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Limited.  Reproduction or resale of this product is restricted.

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