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Mind Over Lockdown (PDF Version)

Mind Over Lockdown (PDF Version)

Has the COVID-19 pandemic left your life in a different place?


Perhaps it has made you view life in a new light and you feel now is the time to make positive change. Whether that be a new career, creating a positive day routine and mindset, or just to be the master of your own destiny again, after months of following government guidance.


The period of lockdown has certainly created new behaviours in people and perhaps some new belief systems too, through the constant media coverage telling us new rules on a regular basis.


Whilst making sure we protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in society it is important that we do not lose connection with our own intuition - as this is what allows us to enjoy independent thought and creativity - for our individuality to flourish and to shine through.


Here are some important questions you may find helpful to consider: 

  • How has the pandemic changed the way you are connected to your own intuition?
  • Do you feel you are now able to freely think for yourself without restriction, compared to before the period of lockdown?  
  • Is the situation in the world today preventing you from creating the life you have always wanted for yourself? 
  • Can you see the opportunity to create something amazing for your new life, but you are struggling to workout how or what that will be?
  • Do you have the clarity and confidence to make those next important steps to becoming the creator of your life again?


This self-help book was written to bring that power of intuition back to you! Combining effective techniques to calm your mind with powerful visualisation and goal setting exercises. Mind Over Lockdown is a concise, easy to follow seven-day programme to positively move your life on to the next chapter. 


And what is more, when you buy a copy of the e-book from for just £5.00 you will also be able to enjoy 10% off our selected hypnotherapy and coaching sessions - all you need to do is click 'Log-in' when you get to cart and follow instructions to sign up to our 'Wu Communiuty'.

You may also be interested in my Life Coaching programmes (see link in footer). I will tailor the right programme just for you, ensuring that you have exactly the right support for reaching your personal goals and ambitions, no matter how big they are!

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