Maximise and Fulfil Your Potential

With Jonathan's 'Prime Life' Programmes

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Do you find yourself wanting to make change to your life, but then fall into the very same habits and routines you wanted to move away from in the first place?


Or perhaps you have set yourself a big personal, academic or business target but need the motivation, focus and energy to stay on track to achieve it?


Maybe you are wanting to make change to your life but just cannot work out what it is you want to do?


When is "now" a good time to make that big first step to change and step out of those old debilitating habits—to create the life you have always wanted?


Whatever you are aiming to achieve, however big or small it may seem, as your coach I will guide you to turn your dream into reality—and move you away from those old habits and behaviour patterns that have stopped you thus far.

My life coaching programmes are designed to help you clearly visualise your goals, to learn to act on your intuitive instincts, and to take the right action to reach them.

Through working with me, I will show you how to overcome limiting thought patterns, beliefs, feelings or memories that may act as obstacles to your success and happiness.

I will help you create and maintain the positive energy and attitude to stay on track each and every step of the way. Together we can take your life to great new heights.


Areas of your life I can help you with:

  •          Sports performance mindset

  •          Career change and Improvement

  •          Maximising your business potential and ideas

  •          Financial confidence and discipline

  •          Relationships – whether to improve the relationship you are in,

               or if you are looking for the self-confidence to start dating

  •          Finding your life's purpose – inspire yourself to make change

  •          Igniting your creative intuition and flow

  •          Become the best you - clear bad habits and reach your full potential


There are number of programmes available depending on the size of your project or goal.

​All programmes will begin with a free phone consultation and will be designed to meet your individual needs and goals. You are under no obligation to continue the programme after your consultation session and pro-rata refunds are available for programme duration (for example, if you reach your target early).

I have used examples that will be typical for different programmes. These are not set in stone and a different programme may be more suited to meet your individual needs.

My programme fees for this service are as follows:

Prime Life - 12 Month coaching programme:

For long term goals such as:

  •  Seeing through a business idea or major project from inception to completion

  • Inspiring and planning change to your career

  • Complete life transformation – turn your life around and become the person you have always wanted and deserve to be.


Make sure the change is lasting with on going coaching and mentoring.

£2,350 (up to six hours one to one coaching a month and ongoing support)

 * Limited offer only 10 still available


Prime Life - Six month coaching programme:

For medium term goals such as:

  • Overcoming significant behavioural patterns (e.g. anger management, building self-confidence) 

  • Adapting to significant life changing events (e.g. regaining confidence after an operation, personal loss or bereavement)

  • Eradicate stress from your life

  • Breaking negative lifestyle choice patterns

  •  Making positive adjustments to improve your lifestyle


£1,200 (up to six hours one to one coaching a month and ongoing support) * Limited offer only 14 still available

Prime Life – Three month coaching programme: 

For short to medium term goals such as:

  •  Academic, creative or personal project

  •  Improving social or relationship confidence

  • Motivation for next career or business move

  • Gaining a winning mindset for sporting achievement

  • Changing medium behavioural patterns (e.g. avoiding confrontation, overcoming social anxieties/shyness, overcoming excessive spending habits)

  • Finding confidence to get back to work


£640 (up to six hours one to one coaching a month and ongoing support)

Prime Life - Monthly coaching programme:

For short term goals such as:

  • Relationship goals

  • Personal Motivation

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Minor behavioural change (e.g. improving self-awareness)

  • Finding your life’s purpose

​£225 per month (up to six hours one to one coaching and ongoing support)


Contact Jonathan to discuss the best plan for you.


Payments can be made upfront (by booking online) or by monthly instalments (please enquire).


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