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Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching
to Overcome Anxiety and Negative Blocks 

Would you like to live your life with a quiet mind, in alignment with your true purpose, and free of the negative inner narrative, whilst being the master of your feelings and emotions?


Holistic Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy 

My name is Jonathan Bolam, I'm a Holistic Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in Norwich with over five years experience. I offer sessions face to face and online, as well as bespoke holistic coaching plans designed for your needs.

I am able to help you overcome and manage those inner obstacles (including trauma, anxiety, stress, addiction, limiting beliefs and behaviours, sadness, anger, sleeping disorders, eating and drinking habits, and more) — that stand between you and the life you want and deserve. I will also provide you with the strategies and techniques so you can continue to build confidence and resilience — to ensure lasting change. 

What to expect when working with Jonathan

"I use a unique style of blending hypnotherapy and life coachingMy aim is for you to notice real positive change, replacing the old behaviour or issue with new empowering, lasting habits and behaviours.I always make sure that I get as much information about the issue at the start so I can plan my sessions specifically for your needs. This means I offer a free thirty minute consultation by phone or video call.From that point I can advise the best course of action to take and we can decide if we are the right match to work together.I create the mood appropriate for each session - so they can be light hearted and humorous but I am also happy to change the intensity to get the right response from you."


Jonathan Bolam(Hypnotherapist and Holistic Life Coach)


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Session Fees

1 Hour Face to Face - £55

1.5 Hours Face to Face - £70

2 Hours Face to Face £95

1 Hour Online - £50

1.5 Hours Online - £65

2 Hours Online - £90

Past Life Journeys (2 hour session) - £100

plus 1.5 hours integration Session - £65

For Coaching Fees please look at my

Holistic Coaching Plans

Create your best reality...

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