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Taste and Smell Recovery

Regain your senses

If you have lost your sense of smell and taste following a virus (including COVID) did you know that these can be successfully recovered through hypnotherapy?

I will be running trial with volunteers who are looking to regain their sense of taste and smell. This will involve one free session and follow up sessions are optional if needed, at a reduced rate of £30. 

If you are interested then please contact Jonathan by email

My fees for this trial are as follows:

  • Initial telephone or email consultation = free of charge

  • First session (Approx 45 minutes) = free of charge

  • Each follow up session (up to 1 hour each) = £30 per session

The number of sessions required may vary depending on the individual and how susceptible they are to the treatment, and how complex the issue may be.

You will be invited to complete a survey to provide feedback after the trial has completed. 

Taste and smell recover
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