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Our Mindful 'Stop Smoking' Programme 

Are  you ready to quit smoking today?

If so our mindful hypnotherapy programme is a safe and natural way to stop your smoking habit.


No chemicals or patches required! 

Did you know that your smoking habit is a programme being run by your sub-conscious mind? This is why it can be so hard to overcome by will power alone.


It is a programme that you have unconsciously designed for yourself through repetition and practice. Each time you have reached for a cigarette has reinforced that programme.


Time to change?


Through hypnotherapy and mindful practice you can change that programme as well as relieve the stress and anxiety you feel that makes you reach for a cigarette.

You can also use hypnosis to stop those temptations and triggers that have led you to smoke in the past, removing that temptation to smoke with a drink, after a meal or with certain friends.

About the programme


Our 'Mindful Stop Smoking Programme' is packaged as two sessions tailored specifically for your needs (up to four hours of therapy) plus one to one support between and after sessions (two x 30 min phone calls). Plus you will receive our audio hypnotherapy recording and mindfulness techniques for you to use in your own time, to reinforce the new positive programming for your sub-conscious mind so you can continue life as a non-smoker.


This package is priced exclusively at £170.

We are confident that this double session will help you move towards giving up cigarettes for good - however everyone is different and sometimes further sessions are needed. For example, smoking can be linked to a particular emotion such as fear or anxiety. If this is the case then it is important that we deal with all the issues and not just the smoking. 

Once you have booked your session we will email you a pre-consultation form so we can review whether this programme is suited for you at this time or whether we would recommend that further sessions may be required (charged at £55 for 1.5 hours). You are under no obligation to take up anything more than you wish to. If we feel you are not ready for the programme, or you decide you do not wish to go ahead, you will get a full refund so long as you let us know at least 24 hours before the session is due to begin. For more information on cancellations click here.

Sessions are available online or at our studio in Norwich.


There is no better time to change than NOW!  So please get in contact with me today.


Programme Fees

Fees for this service are as follows:​

  • Initial telephone or email consultation = free of charge

  • Two Hour programme to quit your smoking habit (2 x two hour sessions), plus two x 30 min phone calls between sessions, plus audio MP3 = £170

  • Further 1.5 hour sessions (if required and agreed) = £55 per session

If you would like discuss any other habit or addiction then please contact us.

Smoking and Addictions: Services & Goals
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