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Empower Yourself to Stop Smoking

Service Description

I am pleased to welcome you to my 'Empower Yourself to Stop Smoking' programmes, incorporating a variety of effective coaching and hypnotherapy techniques - designed to empower you to give up smoking for good on your own terms (read my blog about the programme if you haven't already). Rather than just a quick-fix session or two, this programme will not only help your sub-conscious to overcome the old smoking habit — it will also prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead, This will require your full commitment, as I will be helping you create your new healthy lifestyle, completely on your own terms. Our joint commitment is to make this the last time that you have to give up. This will mean hitting the ground running before, during, and after the sessions. A quick summary of what to expect: * Advice and guidance to set your non-smoking lifestyle on course before sessions start so you are in the correct mindset before, during and after the sessions * Hypnotherapy to overcome your emotional connection to smoking, and break old habits and behaviours * Visualisation techniques to step you into the new lifestyle that works for you * Working with you to discover new healthy habits and activities to replace the old smoking ways * Developing strategies to cope with situations that would have previously been triggers for you to have a smoke * Setting boundaries for yourself and others * Mindfulness and breathing techniques to help you keep a clear mind and remaining focused on your goal to overcome smoking * Working together to remove any stress, anxiety or other emotional connections or behavioural patterns related to your smoking (this may require more sessions for some people. I ask you to complete a consultation survey before we start so I can advise accordingly) * Booster phone call each week to help you through testing situations Sessions available for one to one, couples or group, either online or in person - so your location is not an issue! Prices One to One Quit Smoking up to 8 hours (across four sessions) - £290 Couples Quit Smoking up to 8 hours (across four sessions) - £370 per couple Group Quit Smoking (minimum of ten people required) approx 8-10 hours in total over 5-7 sessions - £180 per participant (please email for dates and availability). If you have any questions about these programmes, then please contact

Please send an email to make your booking

  • Helena Road

    12 Helena Road, Norwich NR2 3AW, UK


Cancellation Terms

Payment is required before the first session, unless agreed otherwise (please contact prior to booking if you need a more affordable payment plan). If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so within 24 hours of the appointment time, otherwise you will you will only be refunded 50% of the fee for that appointment.

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