Mind Over Lockdown (Paperback Version)

Mind Over Lockdown (Paperback Version)

One year on.....

Has the COVID-19 pandemic left your mind in a different place?

It is just over one year since I wrote and published the Mind Over Lockdown e-book, that got to number 2 in the Applebooks 'Health and Wellbeing' chart.


I am pleased to announce that I am now releasing this paperback version, which comes at a time that we continue to adapt to the changing fabric of our society and our connection with the outside world.


Mind Over Lockdown was written to help you preserve and evolve your connection with your inner world, to check in with your own aspirations and ambitions, so not to lose sight of what you want to achieve and fulfil in life, whatever the noise and chaos going on in the world around you.


Here are some important questions you may find helpful to consider: 

  • How has the pandemic changed the way you are connected to your own intuition?
  • Do you feel you are now able to freely think for yourself without restriction, compared to before the period of lockdown?  
  • Is the situation in the world today preventing you from creating the life you have always wanted for yourself? 
  • Can you see the opportunity to create something amazing for your new life, but you are struggling to workout how or what that will be?
  • Do you have the clarity and confidence to make those next important steps to becoming the creator of your life again?


Combining effective techniques to calm your mind with powerful visualisation and goal setting exercises, Mind Over Lockdown is a concise, easy to follow seven-day guided programme to positively move your life on to the next chapter. 


And what is more, when you buy a copy of the  paperback version of Mind Over Lockdown you will also be able to enjoy 50% off your first hypnotherapy and coaching session.


Here is a summary of what you get with the book:


   Paperback copy of Mind Over Lockdown

   Free PDF version of Mind Over Lockdown, so you can still get access to the linked video tutorials, guided relaxation and meditation exercises

   50% off any first session with me for Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching, including Prime Life coaching plans.

   Optional subscription to my website which will include ongoing 10% discount on selected treatments and services.

   Free postage (UK only)


I hope you enjoy the book and that it leads to the lasting positive change you are looking for.


Best wishes